Akixi Software Release 2.0.


New Looks, New Features.

It’s coming… Akixi Software Release 2.0 is on its way with a host of new features, enhancements and a brand new look! to do business

New User Interface (UI) Design and New Features

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Akixi 3000 and Omnichannel

This video gives an overview of Akixi 3000 and the Akixi Channel Panel, demonstrating the life cycle of a group email.

New Features to Include…..

My Reports Folders
The My Reports folder feature allows Akixi reports to be located in folders. The folders are custom built by the Akixi Supervisor.

Copy Reports
Copy Reports allows Akixi Supervisors to create copies of existing reports within the same Akixi Supervisor account.

Send Reports To
The Send Reports To feature allows Administrators to replicate the reports and report settings from one Akixi Supervisor to one or many other Akixi Supervisors, all at the same time.

Akixi 3000

Akixi Omnichannel Panel

The Akixi Omnichannel Panel is Akixi’s Windows desktop application that allows Agents to be notified of new group contacts (calls, emails, etc.) and is used to deliver them direct to the Agent. Agents can also use the Omnichannel Panel application to change their state and sign in and out of queues and groups.

New User Interface (UI) Design

The new Akixi UI design delivers enhancements to the general design of the portal and a new look Akixi Welcome Page. The appearance of reports has been improved with the introduction of clearer icons, updated dials and a flat colour design replacing the previous gradient design. Wallboard reports can additionally be customised with the addition of 32 new colours.

Domain Profiles
Individual domain profiles can now be set against individual Akixi Telephony Servers, allowing greater flexibility and customisation. This feature can only be implemented by system level administrators.

A new Maximum Concurrent statistic has been added allowing maximum concurrent calls and emails to be reported on and filtered by devices, agents or groups against any time frame, bringing functionality such as agent or SIP trunk utilisation.

Dynamic Administrator Searching
In the Administration section of the portal, there is a now a search box allowing Administrators to search through records to find a specific item. This avoids having to search through multiple pages to find a specific record.

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