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Staff Efficiences

Excessive inbound calls can lead to unanswered customer calls that can’t be measured. EVAD can improve both your flexibility and accessibility through:

  • Contact Centre solutions
  • Wall boards with live stats to review call durations and performance
  • Self-service – Artificial Intelligence ( AMI )

Customer Complaints

Customer service is arguably the most important thing for your business to get right. EVAD help you remain professional, effective and constant with:

  • Call recording – record how staff deal with complaints and how many
  • Record percentage – Obtain stats on how effective your team is
  • Individuals numbers – Valuable insight into who has been calling and for how long
  • Can’t get through – Self service options removing the queuing environment and asking for a callback
  • Remove the engaged tone or dead tone
  • Team leaders can review calls if staff were rude or unhelpful 
  • Omni Channel – communicate with a range of metrics/ages in preferred channel

Customer Complaints

We offer measures to ensure communication with customers remains constant. A telephone exchange could get vandalised, cabling damaged, fire on site etc

  • Continuity in customer communication with options to divert away from the office and working from home
  • Backup internet circuit for ethernet lines

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Remain confident that you are secure from data breaches and infringements when obtaining sensitive details and storing it. Hand over the risk and outsource to us keep key details away from agents, pause & resume to ensure security and partial info for customer automated service remove human error.

Cost Savings & Control

Reduce spending and running costs with these solutions:

  • We will introduce the latest technology to maximise your team’s efficiency
  • Replace your ISDN lines in time for the switchover in 2025
  • Cost-centred billing, giving you full access to which sites are costing what
  • Activate telecoms fraud protection, giving limited spending on lines and mobiles and activate international barring, premium rate barring and alerts when close to the SMS messages threshold
  • Improve employees’ work-life balance with remote working and remain contactable anywhere

Bring Your Own Device

Drive efficiency and other opportunities with cost-cutting benefit to employers when employees use their own devices, but BYOD also positively affects productivity.

  • Employees that are mobile and connected can accrue extra minutes throughout the day to attend to work tasks.
  • Working can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • It could also be argued that many employees see BYOD as a perk.
  • Ensuring that WiFi is secure and can be easily accessed by all is crucial.
  • A clear policy must be in place with complete transparency on what is expected from employees.