How did you identify, secure and address the market opportunity?

EVAD have a long-standing relationship with a global automotive parts manufacturer Mahle and over the years, we have been able to grasp a good understanding of their communications requirements. Having divided their offices in 170 locations worldwide into four areas, the client was looking for a single provider for their entire communications infrastructure in destinations across Europe, South Africa and India.

Given EVAD’s proven track record in enterprise technology and after a detailed tender selection process, the client identified EVAD as the partner of choice to deploy and support their telecommunications services and infrastructure using AVAYA Enterprise technology. The award of contract demonstrates the continued good work EVAD do for the client across Europe and beyond.


What were the customer’s pain points and how did your solution overcome them?

Dividing their global business organisation into four areas, the global automotive parts manufacturer were looking for a telecommunications provider for 20,000 extensions in their offices in Europe, South Africa and India. EVAD quickly established that the client had a number of pain points in terms of their telecoms infrastructure and provided a number of solutions in order to overcome these issues:

  • Unsupported ageing technology: By centralising Europe, South Africa and India’s technology into one location, whilst considering each office’s individual needs, we provided the global automotive parts manufacturer with the foundations of a single logical telephony platform capable of facilitating the existing extensions as well as more extensions as the business continues to grow through acquisition.
  • Rising support costs: By working closely with AVAYA and the client, EVAD negotiated a region-wide pricing framework within AVAYA, which was cost-effective in design but also ensured that the client saw a 40% reduction in telephony costs
  • Risk due to the high frequency of outages: Design technology means that EVAD can truly offer the automotive parts manufacturer 5×9 reliability across the entire estate.
  • Lack of innovation and effective ways of working: Mobile working, contact centre and business continuity were very high on the client’s priority list. As one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, their manufacturing plants are massive and need innovative technology so that all employees are contactable anytime, anywhere. Customer service is of utmost importance to the parts manufacturer and therefore having an efficient contact centre in place is vital.

How did you devise, plan and project manage the solution?

The client engaged closely with both AVAYA and EVAD in order to develop the technical strategy of their Global Internal Incident Management solution. EVAD are systematically refreshing the client’s entire communications infrastructure and putting each location under EVAD’s Managed Service, Incident Management and Support under a five-year framework.

Under this managed service, we regularly review the performance of each office’s telephony infrastructure and make further recommendations to improve the cost or functionality. This pragmatic approach ensures that as the contract progresses, the client’s communications infrastructure is optimised on a case-by-case basis, minimising cost and internal disruption while maximising value.

The global automotive parts manufacturer and EVAD maintain a good relationship throughout the project is vital to its success.

How did your solution demonstrate clear ROI and exceed customer expectations?

In conjunction with the global automotive parts manufacturer, a European location was selected, the current environment assessed, current costs analysed and business processes and requirements gathered. The purpose was to generate a true project and Return on Investment based on a Proof of Concept location. Due to its large size and complex requirements, Poland was chosen to run the Proof of Concept. A recommended solution was put forward in the form of a Detailed Design Document (DDD) for the client to review locally in Poland as well as centrally in their head offices in Germany.

The solution was delivered on time, on budget and met the requirements of the business plan and therefore was rolled out across the client’s business to offices in Europe, South Africa and India.

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