Court House Medical

The Problem

Prior to joining EVAD’s cloud telephone systems, Court House Medical experienced continuous problems with their lines, which resulted in phones constantly ringing and patients being disconnected during calls. It was also difficult to make calls at times.

The Challenges

Healthcare telecommunications are an essential service, and GP practice phone systems need to be in top shape in order to reduce wait times for patients. The transition to a new cloud telephony healthcare solution naturally needed to be a quick process, in order to ensure that GP services could continue to run smoothly.

​The Solution

Relying on an efficient telecommunications service provider was vital in order to ensure the GP’s cloud migration could be as smooth as possible. The transition to EVAD’s Cloud PBX solution was managed with an approach based on communication, with open discussion between EVAD’s team and the clients to discuss progress and make sure any potential issues could be promptly addressed. EVAD’s team had a clear understanding of the GP practice’s needs, having thoroughly explored these beforehand, and was able to propose a cost-effective solution that met all their requirements.

The End Result

The migration was successful and completely problem-free, with zero downtime. After using EVAD’s Think Healthcare Solution for just a short period of time, Court House Medical noticed a substantial difference as calls became easy to manage, giving them increased flexibility and making staff feel safe in the knowledge that they could depend on efficient systems and therefore provide patients with the best possible customer service.

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