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Secure payment transactions across ALL communication channels

Protecting card holder data is one of the biggest concerns for organisations taking debit or credit card payments. A large proportion of organisations believe they are PCI DSS Compliant, but they aren’t.

As card payments technology evolves, so should the payment options you offer your customers. From small local retailers to large corporate enterprises.

No technical jargon, no complicated fees: whether you’re taking payments, online, in-app or on the go, Cirrus LinkPay+ is easy to use, convenient, and secure, helping to deliver the experience your customers expect, wherever and however they want to pay.

The value delivered

  • Full PCI DSS Compliance.
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Unparalleled Customer Experience
  • Reducing Overall Costs
  • Never lose a sale
  • Minimal Expenditure

PCI Pro 

Cirrus PCI Pro provides organisations with an easy to deploy, fully PCI DSS compliant way to take a payment card details from customers, leveraging the Cirrus cloud and without the need to make changes to existing systems or processes.

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Empowering PCI level 1 Secure Payments across all channels

De-Scoping’ the Contact Centre Environment

Cirrus PCI Pro prevents unauthorised access by contact centre staff to sensitive card data. This removes the need to operate a ‘clean room’ policy where paper, pens and mobile phones are prohibited from the agent’s desk.

Fully Controlled Payment Process

What is unique about Cirrus PCI Pro is that while sensitive information is masked from the agent, the conversation between agent and customer is able to continue, ensuring that both control and the customer experience is retained during the payment process.

Call Recording, Voicemail & Announcements

By leveraging Cirrus cloud-based telephony, Cirrus Mobile users are able to take advantage of a range of pay-as-you-use capabilities such as the ability to record business calls from their mobile, the ability to separate personal and business voicemail on their mobile and the capability to create personal messages and announcements.

No Disruption to Contact Centre Processes

Cirrus PCI Pro is designed to work the way you work, and as such can be embedded into your existing contact flows and processes. This not only reduces operational disruption, it also avoids substantial system or process changes and agent retraining.

Social Media

Allowing you to instantly make social media an integral part of the way you interact with your customers through our Cloud based application that enables you to listen, analyse and interact through social channels.

PCI Compliance

Providing organisations with an efficient and effective way to take payment card details from customers in a fully PCI compliant manner.

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