Coronavirus – COVID 19 Update from EVAD.


In light of the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus we thought it appropriate to briefly share with you the steps we are taking to minimise the impact to our customers whilst continuing to support our staff. Rest assured that as a service provider who employs and has responsibilities for over 200 people in the UK and has numerous partnerships with other service providers outside of the UK we are continually monitoring the position in line with UK Government & WHO advice and adhering to recommended best practice as regards Coronavirus. We are also making sure that we use common sense and putting in our own controls where we think it is necessary to do so.

This has meant that we are currently undertaking short term changes to our own working practices to best counter the spread of this virus and to ensure that we carry on supporting you without disruption. This has meant that in a number of instances we are now encouraging remote working for our own staff. To ensure that this doesn’t cause any reductions in efficiency and productivity we are providing audio visual facilities along with mobile phones and printers to a number of our people. Having to do this ourselves it has made us realise that our clients and customers are possibly in a similar position and are currently having to consider what you need to do to best support your own organisation.

To that end as well as everything we currently do for you we would like to be able to support you here. We are currently offering a number of flexible short term packages for the provision of printers, mobile phones and audio visual conferencing. We all recognise the need to ensure that our businesses continue to run as smoothly as they did before and not to be adversely impacted by this virus.

If you want us to help you then you have a number of options available to you. You can speak to either your external or internal account manager or you could use the button below so that we can schedule a meeting.

In any event please know that we are here to assist you.

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