Let's Talk Home Working - Chamber Of Commerce Webinar

With the COVID-19 virus forcing people to stay at home, many enterprises suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce.


EVAD  are giving advice about how IT leaders can handle this new dynamic and the technology required at the lowest possible price with the least contractual commitment.

We have Unique offerings to customers by way of short term contracts and reduced costs for software solutions to help you and your workforce remain completely contactable at all times’’

Questions to ask yourselves;

  • Is the technology you use able to deliver a seamless home working experience?
  • Have you been able to operate the telephones in a way that you wanted to?? (massive many people have diverts on to mobile/poor solutions  etc it stops all functionality and creates a bottle neck)?
  • Can you see your colleagues and teams availability?
  • Can you send a quick instant message and communicate well with them?
  • Can you do a quick and easy video call?
  • Can you share documents with an individual or team?
  • Can you do all of the above with an external party – a customer for example?
  • If you could do all of this without any disruption or adjustment to your business or without any technical disruption would you?

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