EVAD Recognised as an ‘NHS Hero’ for its Continued Support Throughout the Pandemic

We’re proud to announce that we have received national recognition for our role in supporting the NHS during the pandemic.

The Think Healthcare service has made access to healthcare easier for patients by freeing up capacity and time at GP surgeries across the UK.

Our innovative integrated telecoms service, which acts as best practise within many NHS trusts, supports over 200 GP surgeries, and saves around 200 administrative hours for each individual practice per year, has been awarded the General Practice Telecoms of the Year Award – a celebration of excellence in innovation and healthcare. EVAD at the NHS General Practice Awards Ceremony 2021 This comes at a time where GP surgeries are facing increasing demands and are stretched for resources, and so this technology makes it easier for surgeries to support their patients while increasing capacity and freeing up more staff time to alleviate burdens and ultimately, provide a better service.

Our CEO, Matt Hill, is continually working hard to ensure that this technology can be implemented across other healthcare settings in the UK and says it’s all about evaluating how the NHS can do things differently to be more efficient and free up more time to support patients, all while offering greater options regarding patients’ option for contacting their GPs and providing both practice staff and surgery managers with further information to make more informed decisions.

Matt commented: “Think Healthcare was created after seeing how overwhelmed doctors’ surgeries could get with calls and seeing a need to find better ways of working,”

“During the pandemic, an already extremely stretched service became even more busy and a major increase in calls to surgeries meant that phonelines were struggling to cope with demand as well as difficulties with access to services due to lockdowns and a need for more flexible working. It was all making access to vital services more challenging.

“We created a system that helps to prioritise calls, simplify the patient journey and free up time for staff to be able to take care of other duties all while offering the flexibility to work across multiple sites.

“Think Healthcare has revolutionised how we look at healthcare with demand for the service growing. It is great our success in helping the NHS has been recognised and we look forward to our next chapter as we make the service available to more healthcare settings this year.”

EVAD began by supporting a nearby surgery, helping it to perfect a system that ensured the phone lines are always accessible and that extra capacity was created.

Since then, the demand has increased, with the unified telecoms specialists now taking care of over 200 surgeries across the nation and plans now in place to roll out the technology to further Trusts in the coming year.

The Think Healthcare service works by integrating systems through the entire surgery to increase efficiency, reduce call queues and help staff to free up more of their time to allow them to work more effectively. NHS Pride Rainbow Logo Just the past year alone has seen thousands more patients gain increased access to healthcare, with the system now efficiently reducing call queues by an average of 22%.

For practices with around 8,000 patients, an average of 200 administrative hours can be expected to be freed up, or roughly 25 extra working days per year.

Sue Altoft at Wilson Street Surgery, Derby said; “GP surgeries are overstretched and demand for a reactive telephony system to meet the needs of our patients is vital. Since using the Think Healthcare technology our call queueing times have improved dramatically allowing staff the time to respond to patients in a timely manner. The personal, friendly, and professional service provided by the Think Healthcare team is just what we need.

Gareth Thomas at West Quay Medical Practice, one of the largest practices in South Wales, said: “Before we joined EVAD’s Think Healthcare solution, we had an on-site system with limited lines and unhelpful management. Moving to their cloud solution was seamless. Callers never have a busy tone anymore; calls are dealt with much more efficiently and our patients are much happier. I would recommend EVAD to any primary care practice wanting to upgrade to a flexible and scalable phone solution.”

The General Practice Awards, now in its 14th year, celebrates the absolute best in the healthcare industry and, according to their website, ‘recognise the national NHS heroes carrying out work on a daily basis to help others’.

To find out more about the Think Healthcare service, please get in touch with the team at EVAD today, either by emailing hello@evad.co.uk or calling 01332 327040. General Practice Awards 2021 Winner Banner

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