Top Benefits of Healthcare Telephony for Your GP Practice

Our Think Healthcare Clinical System will significantly improve the service you provide to your patients.

Top Benefits of Healthcare Telephony for Your GP Practice 

What is healthcare telephony?

Healthcare telephony is the use of advanced telephony technology in singular practices and PCN’s. It is designed to optimise how they work, create ROI, improve patient care and patient satisfaction. Healthcare telephony includes bespoke call queuing, patient call back features, real time management tools and integration into clinical systems to speed up workflow.

Why use Think Healthcare in your surgery?

The onset of the pandemic increased patient’s phone surgery usage exponentially. Think Healthcare allows unlimited inbound and outbound calls meaning you will always be able to obtain a line. Call costs to mobiles have risen significantly based on all consultations being conducted over the phone.

The platform is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere meaning support and changes can be done instantaneously. This ensures that your practice is always available to take calls and provide the highest level of care to your patients.

Real time call stats and wallboards offer an instant view of how your practice is performing, how many patients are in a queue, and what status your reception staff are in.

Remote working

In these uncertain times, our collaboration licenses mean your staff can be deployed at home to take and make calls as if they were in the practice. If you must close your practice due to covid – or any other reason – you can still take calls and offer consultation calls to patients. All calls are still recorded in our cloud. This is a true business continuity solution.

Patient Communication

The reduction in staff communication time means more time available to aid patients. A GP practice phone system allows the handling of multiple calls and prioritising by order of urgency. Data feedback will inform you of the promptness of the call, meaning performance and efficiency can be continually checked, assessed and streamlined.

Emergency calls are easily identifiable, managed and transferred and ordered by type of specialist or consultant needed. In addition, the enhanced audio quality of healthcare telephony systems means older patients or patients with hearing difficulties can make calls that would otherwise be problematic.

Streamlined Scheduling

The ability to efficiently schedule via a system designed for streamlining processes and increasing flexibility meets patient requirements for convenience.

Patients want the ability to interact with GPs and surgery staff with minimal fuss and open availability. Rapid scheduling reduces patient/staff communications times and maximises its outcome. A swift scheduling service reduces patient frustrations and improves the rate of patient/GP visitations by using automated scheduling.

Cost Savings

Using a cloud-based telephone system means a vast reduction in telecom expenses. Outbound calls require no phone line and are not subject to phone charges. Only an existing internet service is needed and, since EVAD’s telephone solutions can be smoothly integrated into existing PBX’s, no significant investment is required.

Patient Information and data

EVAD’s Think Healthcare package is a contact management solution designed to help managers, receptionists and clinical staff achieve critical goals. The patient can be quickly identified, and staff can instantly see the patient demographics.

The records of each patient can but swiftly accessed at the click of a button within the Think Healthcare system, which can be easily integrated with EMIS Web, SystmOne and Vision. It can be deployed to an entire CCG or a General Practice.

The system follows QOF/LES requirements, and the identity of the patient can be verified via mobile number authentication. You can learn more on our Think Healthcare page.   

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