What to Look for When Searching for the Best VoIP Service

VoIP services have become an essential business tool. But how do they work, and what do they do?

What to Look for When Searching for the Best VoIP Service

At EVAD, we had one mission when creating our communications services: to ensure our cloud telephony platform could host the best VoIP services in the UK. That’s why our team consists of expert engineers and consultants, who are adept at transforming old telephony into the most reliable VoIP service on the market. 

But before we can consider what makes ours the best VoIP service in the UK, let’s answer two questions we are regularly asked: what are the best telephone systems for businesses? And what’s VoIP?

What’s VoIP?

The first answer is simple enough – the best telephone system for most businesses is a VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. We’ll discuss exactly why that is a little later in this article. First, let’s examine what VoIP itself means.

Essentially, instead of making calls using physical phone lines, you are using an internet connection. Your analogue voice is converted into digital signals, which are sent and analysed as data. 

This allows the implementation of dashboards, and various other multimedia, designed to enhance your business and communications efficiency. For example, an entire customer service team could work from home with improved systems of call logging and client data capture. In the US, for example, thanks to VoIP call and voice quality, there are now around 100,000 completely virtual contact centres. When applied to the UK market, the increase in virtual call centres can be expected to increase exponentially. 

But, to ensure a VoIP service can be considered the best in the UK, it takes a little something extra. For that, you’ll need voice lines and connections that provide reliable, ultra-fast, full-fibre connectivity.

Because of the need for this uninterrupted connection, the success of a VoIP service is dependent on resilient and responsive connectivity. This way, the best VoIP call quality is consistently delivered to the highest industry standards. 

Most Reliable VoIP Service: A New Necessity  

Keeping a team remotely connected to your organisation is a necessity for businesses, irrespective of their size. The challenges of the pandemic mean the way your teams work has likely changed. If it hasn’t yet, the evolving culture of the workforce means that change is imminent. To adapt, it is vital to find the best VoIP service for your company. 

Consider that 67% of UK employees want to split their time between the physical office and their virtual one when working. Those working from home during lockdowns have concluded, on the whole, that they expect workplaces to offer a WFH (work from home option) as standard. 

For many businesses, this is already the case. However, if your organisation doesn’t offer this option at present, your competitors likely do.

Concerns about making this shift are generally twofold: businesses want the best VoIP call quality, and the most reliable VoIP service. And, even if you are not considering a WFH option, VoIP telephone systems for UK businesses allow you to access key information and communicate securely, with measurable performance data. 

In short, offering WFH capability with a VoIP service means that day-to-day communications become streamlined and, with data feedback available, can be consistently improved. A managed service can help optimise this reform. But, to ensure the that the most reliable VoIP service can be achieved, we need to assess the potential of network services.

The Best UK VoIP Services: How Network Services Help

When our mobile phones fail to deliver the quality of call we expect, it is likely caused by network configurations. Like mobile phone calls, the best VoIP service is dependent on the quality of its network service.

To provide the best VoIP service in the UK, we use cutting-edge technology, such as fixed Point to Point (PTP) wireless, which ensures rapid connectivity to multiple users. 

Connecting data centres to the head office and allowing remote workers access to key information is wholly dependent on network services that are flexible and future-proof. 

For a global business, this flexibility offers an assurance of continuity. The US government agency FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) discovered that 40% of  companies fail to reopen when faced with unplanned disruption. A network service that provides the best VoIP services protects your business against the unforeseen.

Find the Best VoIP Service For Your Business

Discover your VoIP solution by visiting our cloud telephony services page. Every business is unique. That’s why, at EVAD, we offer bespoke VoIP, cloud telephony and optimised network services. Our team of expert engineers can transform SMEs or larger organisations, modernising your communications services and optimising its output. 

Discover a solution aligned to your business needs by visiting our cloud telephony services page.

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