BT Wholesale

We’re experts in communications. We know a lot about voice, broadband and data connectivity services. But more importantly, we have the people, resources and the capacity to help transform your business.
Wave goodbye to challenges and say hello to new opportunities.

We strive to always provide the highest levels of customer service and are committed to delivering high quality solutions to our customers at a fair price. Being one of the UK’s largest network operators gives us the ability to respond much more quickly to our customers’ needs and gives you the assurance that you are working with a financially-secure business partner with a highly resilient network.

Track record of innovation.

We’ve been providing high quality telecoms services since 1846 and continue to excel in the market.

In-depth knowledge.

From our engineers to marketers, we have a wealth of experienced professionals across all fields.

Market-leading portfolio.

From IT to voice services, no other UK wholesale provider offers you more choice or flexibility.