Genius Networks

Meeting the challenges of global connectivity.

Multinational companies need bespoke converged global networks that are agile, scalable and supported by the highest quality of service. But network carriers with inflexible, off-the-shelf solutions are unable to deliver. Genius leverages a 15-year telecoms heritage to offer an alternative approach. Our unique core routing and provisioning platform connects with the world’s top carriers to provide intelligent, best-fit network solutions that come with guaranteed quality of service, managed latency and an end-to-end SLA. Learn more about our network capabilities

Improving the quality of voice services.

With the continuing increase in cloud-delivered services, reliable voice connectivity has never been more important. But for global businesses, latency has become a critical issue. We manage latency from our core network using the best global SIP coverage available. By integrating best-of-breed networks and delivering services locally from hubs located across the world, latency is controlled and quality of service assured.

Driving return on technology investment.

As well as simplifying the complexity of provisioning and managing high performance global networks, we offer a range of market-leading business communications services that help you maximise return on technology investment – from connectivity and the cloud, to managing your calls.