Who we are.

Mdee has been in this business for over 30 years, so we know what we’re doing. As EE & BT specialists, we deliver first class service, funding and support to all of our partners, treating each partner with an individual approach. At the same time, because Mdee is owner-operated, we are independent and flexible where others are not; the very essence of airtime distribution.

Backed by the biggest.

BT / EE holds a 35 percent equity stake in our business and has done for more than two decades. We have the backing of one of the UK’s biggest communications and IT companies, whilst retaining our independence.


Mdee has robust debt-free accounts; in recent years, consistent and significant investment has been made in our innovative and modular partner platform, JEM, designed for today, with tomorrow in mind. Our partners reap rewards as a result of efficiency and productivity improvements..