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Stay in frame and on the same page.

Other systems’ cameras only capture a static view of the room. Dolby’s cameras continually detect people in meetings and adjust the view so you see everyone in the meeting – no waiting, no remote, just a seamless experience.

Not too dark. Not too bright. Just right.

Your huddle rooms don’t always have perfect lighting and with other systems, the image quality suffers. Dolby Voice Room continuously balances brightness and shadows for better visibility in any meeting room.

Great ideas deserve to be front and centre.

Dolby Voice Room makes sharing your whiteboard simple. With the tap of a button, the system perfectly frames a user-defined area and corrects the perspective for remote teams.

Voice Placement

Sound familiar? Other systems make it hard to hear and follow the conversation by blending everyone’s voices together. Dolby Voice Room breaks each voice out and creates a meeting that sounds and feels like an in-person conversation.

Dynamic Leveling

With other systems, it’s a struggle to hear anyone other than the loudest person. Dolby Voice Room adjusts the volume of each voice in the room so you can hear every idea.

Excellent Sound

Calls with other systems are exhausting to listen to, but meetings with Dolby Voice Room are clearer, easier to understand and feel more like an in-person conversation.

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Exceptional Video Conferencing That’s Also Effortless.

BlueJeans with Dolby Voice.


Schedule, join and host one-touch meetings in just six seconds from anywhere, on any device or room system. Experience HD video and stunningly clear audio, powered by Dolby Voice® with an intuitive, intelligent interface.


Drive meeting productivity within the digital workplace through seamless integration with your favourite scheduling, messaging and productivity tools. Leverage AI and voice recognition to make your meetings intelligent.


Manage and troubleshoot meetings, events and rooms in real-time with an enterprise-grade platform that meets the most demanding management, security and scalability requirements.

Industry Leading Compatibility

Remove the technical barriers between conference room systems, computers, mobile devices, browsers and applications. The BlueJeans Meetings Platform provides a secure, global and scalable architecture that enables productive video, audio and web conferencing meetings from anywhere.

BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser

Join a meeting in any popular web browser with one click. BlueJean’s zero downloads, browser-based meeting experience leverages the open WebRTC standard to bring immersive video, spatial audio, and easy join automation for simple and productive meetings. No need to compromise. Fully featured, friction-free meetings are a click away.

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Instantly join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from a conference room, your desk or a remote location. Then engage in a productive virtual meeting with the power of immersive HD video and Dolby Voice® audio. Learn more about Dolby Voice®

Powered by Dolby Voice®

One-Click Scheduling

Smart User Controls


BlueJeans Rooms transforms any room into an easy-to-use video conference space, requiring little to no end-user training and effortless IT management, while increasing workforce collaboration.

One-touch meetings
works with existing rooms’ systems

Simple, fast and flexible set up and configuration

Easy for IT to deploy, monitor and manage


BlueJeans Events brings a whole new level of interactivity to all-hands meetings, town halls and webcasts. Engage up to 15,000 attendees with immersive video, Q&A, polling and large meeting controls.

Employee all-hands meetings

Town Hall forums

Training Educasts

  • Are employees easy to reach when they’re mobile?
  • Do customers have one number access to mobile employees
  • Do employees have quick access to subject matter experts
  • Is the availability status of office workers easy for your mobile workers to see?
  • Do employees have easy access to corporate directories and business applications from their mobile devices?
  • Do employees struggle to find key information when they need it while mobile?
  • How effectively is the information presented to them on their smartphone or tablet?


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