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Advanced Cloud-Based Call Management and Call Centre Analytics Service

Analytics takes data from relevant, disparate sources and collects, correlates and presents this data in a unified interface for detailed analysis in real-time and historical trending scenarios. With this analysed information, supervisors can understand current and historical trends for customer preferences and also agent and contact centre performance.

Reporting Across Multiple Interactions 

The solution is an open, modular and extensible analytics framework that brings together data from disparate data sources. The framework provides the ability to integrate with third-party presentation layers and ingest data from multiple data sources (custom data sources as well).

Open Framework

EVAD’s analytics enables access to raw data through a framework that enables cradle to grave reporting across channels.

Customisable Reporting Solution

We enable access to data that is available for custom reporting. You can build reports and presentations by leveraging real-time data through an Interface.

Insights Into A Customer Experience

We facilitate improvements in key areas such as Agent Performance & Behaviours, Customer Issues and Agent Training. This improves customer experience and potentially increases revenue. Capture any data source, channel, function or process to normalise and standardise raw event data.

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