Cyber Security Awareness

Fully managed services tailored towards employees to help you bolster your cyber security posture, achieve accreditations and meet compliance.

Introducing Cyber Security Awareness

Having helped over 1,000 customers and 250,000 end users globally, Cyber Security Awareness are leading providers of fully managed security awareness training and testing. Unlike other providers, Cyber Security Awareness change employee behaviour to stop security incidents arising from cyber-attacks, such as phishing and social engineering. Services are fully managed, bespoke to every organisation and affordable. Every organisation, regardless of size or sector is a target for modern cybercrime and employees are by far the weakest point, with over 90% of cyber-attacks now targeted towards them.

Part of Focus Group

EVAD and Cyber Security Awareness are part of the same group; Focus Group. This means that now customers can not only benefit from our services in unified communications, but they can also receive specialist cyber security services from the same place.

Complete Range of Cyber Security Solutions and Services

Our flagship security awareness training and testing service is part of a much wider range of cyber security solutions and services. This includes vulnerability scanning, security operations centres, next-generation endpoint protection (anti-virus), multi-factor authentication and much more from the Cyber Security Awareness parent company, Infosec Cloud.

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