Security Awareness Training and Testing

Cyber security training and phishing testing that stops employees from causing security incidents.

Fully managed cyber security training services, designed to make a difference

Our Security Awareness Training and Testing managed service is trusted by over 1,000 organisations across 250,000 users to ultimately stop their employees from being a cyber security risk.

We provide incredible cyber security E-Learning combined with a truly bespoke and targeted service for every individual customer to ensure effectiveness. Fully managed and cost-effective , it allows you to train all your employees, ensuring they remain vigilant without adding to your already busy schedule.

Prevent Security Breaches

The purpose of our leading Fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) service is to stop your employees from causing security incidents. It is only by providing your employees with security awareness training and regular testing that you will achieve this goal.

We have found that security incidents are stopped by raising employee awareness of cybercrime, training employees with the correct skills and keeping them vigilant so they apply the training skills on a day-to-day basis.

It is widely recognised that employees are the most vulnerable to targeted attacks. This is why our fully managed SATT service is the number one and most important way to protect your organisation from modern day and targeted cyber threats.

Cyber Security Risk Management Process

Our strategy to achieve complete cyber security for your business follows the below steps:

Stage 1 – Baseline

We research your organisation and send a targeted email to all employees. Typically, you will see 40% to 70% of your employees putting your security at risk. The baseline not only provides a real-life and accurate reflection of how vulnerable your employees are today and raises awareness – it also leads to a much faster and positive uptake of the training.

Stage 2 – Training

All employees receive security awareness training. This is a 15-minute online video that each employee watches at their desk and at their own convenience. The training covers everything that is relevant to modern cyber-crime and how to prevent falling victim to these threats.

Stage 3 – Monthly Phishing

Regular targeted phishing emails (one per user per month and randomised) are sent to all employees. The targeted emails work to ensure staff stay vigilant and apply the training skills on a day-to-day basis. Anyone who is still a security risk to your business is provided the additional, in-depth training they need to protect your organisation.

Benefits of Cyber Security Training

  • Reduce the risk of data breaches
  • Protect your customers and build trust
  • Safeguard the reputation of your company
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Save time and money
  • Increase staff confidence
  • Be a socially responsible business

Why Our Cyber Security Training Service?

  • Multiple languages
  • Engaging & professional E-Learning
  • Suitable for all employees across all business sizes and sectors
  • 40-70% of employees typically put their organisation’s security at risk
  • Guaranteed reduction in risk of cyber security breaches
  • Infographics and posters included
  • Guides and assistance to ensure 0% of your staff will put your security at risk
  • Training alone makes no difference – we ensure employees actually take notice and apply the training daily

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