5G is here

5G is here – experience a more reliable connection in the busiest places, speeds like you’ve never seen before and a near-instant connection

How Does 5G Work?

Whether you’re making a call, sending a text or connecting to the internet, all wireless communications take place over radio frequencies. 5G mainly uses higher frequencies than 4G – and these frequencies are faster and can carry more information. 5G will also support more devices – or SmartThings – being used at the same time.

A 5G network can also be ‘sliced’, which means operators like EE can ‘slice’ parts of the network and dedicate them to specific tasks. For example, one part of the network can be used for phones connecting to the internet and another part can be used for driverless cars.

When will 5G roll out in the UK? 

EE: Available Now – Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, London and Manchester with 10 more getting 5G during 2019.

O2: Summer 2019, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London.

3: August 2019, London, then 24 more during 2019.

Vodafone: 3rd July 2019, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, then 12 more during 2019.

How to use 5G?

In order to use 5G, you’ll need to get a brand new 5G phone. With EE, you get the best choice of 5G phones and we’ll launch with a wider range than any other UK network.

You’ll also need one of our next generation Smart Plans. Our 5G Smart Plans are the best in our range – packed with added benefits.

Has 5G launched anywhere else in the world?

Yes, but to a limited extent. For example, like the UK, the USA has taken baby steps towards customers testing 5G. In April, Verizon began to deploy its 5G mobile network in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis but with a catch – users will need a 5G-ready phone. At this point in time, users have access to only one 5G-ready device. Similarly, in South Korea, mobile operators are also rolling out 5G with limited coverage.

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Get our fastest ever mobile broadband with 5GEE WiFi. It’s perfect for working or gaming on the go with an instant connection.

It brings 5G speeds to any WiFi enabled device and you can connect up to 20 devices at any one time.

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OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

  • The intelligent triple camera – capture crystal-clear shots
  • Introducing Warp Charge – full charge in under one hour
  • Make every game a home game – the best live action with the BT Sport app – and letting you watch it on your TV as well as your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

  • Bigger 6.7″ Cinematic Infinity-O Display
  • Bigger Long-Lasting Intelligent Battery
  • Better Camera – Our ultimate Smartphone Camera for Videos and Photos
  • Better Live Focus Video
  • Better Security – Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner
  • Faster 25W Wired Super-Fast Charging
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OPPO Reno 5G

  • Hidden cameras and loads of pixels
  • It’s all-screen – The 5G’s display is all screen with no notches and an ultra-slim bezel
  • Fast-charging, all day battery – Its large 4,065 mAh battery and VOOC 3.0 fast-charging technology means you’ll never be low on power
  • Make every game a home game – We’re bringing you the best live action with the BT Sport app – and letting you watch it on your TV as well as your phone.

LG V50 ThinQ

  • LG Dual Screen – Run multiple apps at once on two screens
  • Five cameras and loads of pixels – three rear and two front cameras allows you to take snaps from 5 different camera angles with just one click
  • Ultra-real UHD video – Record crystal clear UHD videos in the latest 4K
  • A powerful battery – It also includes Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which charges your phone in super-quick time
  • Immersive audio experience – Experience totally realistic audio immersion in full-range stereo
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Quality of service is essential for VoIP technologies as anything, but perfect isn’t good enough when it comes to communications. 5G promises massive QoS upgrades over the current 4G networks. These upgrades include:

  • Lower latency
  • Better throughput
  • 100% network availability
  • Improved reliability with block error ratios as low as 0.00001 per ms (4G has 0.01)
  • A reduction in jitter to 10-100 ms
  • Increased bandwidth for sensor devices (from 100 Kbps to hundreds of Mbps)
5G will give you speeds as you’ve never seen before on your smartphone and with our mobile smart hub. This means you’ll be able to do things much faster than you currently can using 4G. You’ll be able to reliably stream video at higher resolutions, enjoy higher quality video calls and download content faster.
5G will be able to fix bandwidth issues. Currently, there are so many different devices connected to 3G and 4G networks, that they don’t have the infrastructure to cope effectively. 5G will be able to handle current devices and emerging technologies such as driverless cars and connected home products.
There’s not much point in being able to download an HD movie in under 10 seconds if there’s a lag in being able to watch it. 5G will have far superior latency than 4G enabling play to begin almost, if not, instantaneously.
One of the most innovative aspects of the 5G architecture will be its reliance on 5G network slicing, which will let operators provide portions of their networks for specific customer uses cases — whether that use case is the smart home, the Internet of Things factory, the connected car, or the smart energy grid.

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