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Reliable And Fast Data Cabling Solution

In today’s digital age, a reliable and fast data cabling solution is a ‘must have’ for the success of your business. EVAD can improve the performance of your data cabling installations, giving your teams the potential to work faster and more efficiently with no interruptions, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


  • Design & Installation
  • Single & Multi site solutions
  • Voice & data projects
  • CAT 5e, 6, 6a, 7,7a and 8 specifications
  • Fibre optics

The future’s bright…the future’s fibre optic

The IoT (Internet of Things) is fuelling the drive to transmit more data. Older cabling solutions might not be able to expand to meet that demand.

Fibre optic cabling offers increased security and safety, faster bandwidth over longer distances and more reliable data transmissions.

Whether it is used as a vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling offers a more modern and cost-effective cabling solution.

Our fibre optic cabling installation portfolio includes:

  • Multimode cables (OM2, OM3 & OM4)
  • Single mode cables (OS1 & OS2)
  • Tight buffered and loose tube constructions
  • Pre-terminated solutions (ideal for datacentre projects)
  • Internal, external and blown
  • Rodent resistant corrugated steel tape armoured (CSTA) and steel wire armoured cables for harsh environments
  • Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)
  • ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC terminations

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Wi-Fi For Transport

EVAD’s compact Wi-Fi system is designed to be the ideal performance solution for fast and secure Wi-Fi on minibuses, taxi cabs, buses and coaches.

The self-contained unit requires no external antenna allowing for a speedy, simple installation and easy portability between vehicles.

Alongside passenger Wi-Fi connectivity the Wi-Fi system features a secure Wi-Fi Accessory Channel. On-board systems such as next stop announcements, CCTV and ticketing systems can connect wirelessly to the Accessory Channel providing a full-featured and secure connected Wi-Fi system.

Capture, Archive, Organize, Playback and Share Voice

Internet in a Box.

Connect anywhere, anytime and stay completely flexible to the enterprise’s requirements. Featuring high speeds and bandwidth, a 4G networking solution can connect even the most advanced applications with ease – creating a full pop-up network which can extend the enterprise network to any site.

This means that organisations can successfully launch new business branches in almost any location, and use all the technology they need to do so, regardless of existing wired connectivity.

Wireless & WAN Solutions.

Fast, secure wireless networks are now the lifeblood of any business. Wireless networks provide a multitude of benefits to customers including faster response speeds, improved infrastructure and increased productivity.

A survey will be undertaken to map out the frequency coverage and capacity. We will then design the network, factoring future growth and of course, security.


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