EVAD i-Bill.

Keeping Control

One Place, One Portal

i-bill provides you and your clients with information on their daily call profile, invoicing and services. You are given an administrator login from which you can access and view your customer’s information, reset passwords and see the revenue you are generating for each customer per call if required.

Alerts Management

EVAD Alerts show irregular call traffic and simultaneously emails or sends an SMS to the customer and the CP during the billing process to advise expensive or unusual call traffic activity. This provides a better opportunity to control any potential problems or financial exposure.


Your logo and colour scheme is added to i-bill and your customer access it via your website.

Daily CDRs

EVAD have auto download engines so you’re CDR’s are downloaded 365 days a year. Dependent on the carrier these collections are done either daily or twice daily. EVAD rate these at your cost price, upload them to CLIck and simultaneously rate them at your customer rates then load them onto the customer’s i-bill account. Through the collection of CDR’s EVAD minimises the month end impact on the CP of missing CLIs and allows daily detection of pricing or routing anomalies.

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