Number Continuity.

Complete Control

Contactable And In Control 

With many UK SMEs still needing to implement a disaster recovery plan to protect their business against data loss, network outage and other IT disasters, the need for a simple-to-use service to support business continuity during challenging circumstances has never been more relevant. In response to this, we’ve developed a service called simply ‘Business Continuity’, which can be accessed via a secure website or through an easy-to-use app available for use on Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices.

Take Control

Control main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support lines

Provide great service

Control key individuals’ contact numbers

Calls can always be answered

Answer calls no matter the circumstances impacting the business


It lets the end customer make the call routing changes for the specific issue that they are experiencing

Management Information (MI)

Online reporting tracks the calls to the customer’s business during “normal” and exceptional circumstances

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  • Performance statistics
  • Call divert
  • Time of day / Day of week routing
  • Call distribution
  • Announcements
  • Advanced call statistics
  • Voicemail


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