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Whilst Microsoft Teams now has its own telephony module, it isn’t always able to provide the level of functionality you may require. Organisations that are looking to standardise to a Microsoft desktop and use Teams as the communication application can do so without sacrificing telephony functionality by integrating into an EVAD cloud telephony platform. 

Our Microsoft project team will work with you to establish specific requirements, potential gaps in functionality and use that detail help you build a complete strategy around Teams. 

EVAD has a large portfolio of Teams integrated solutions that perfectly complement your Microsoft strategy and the modern workplace. We will work with you to find the added features and functionality you need, helping you achieve consistency and reliability within your Microsoft Teams environment.  

EVAD’s Teams integrations naturally enhance this fast-growing collaboration platform, meeting the most demanding management, security, reliability and scalability requirements, all wrapped into a managed support model that guarantees continuity and a service level you can rely on being delivered. 

Complete Cloud Telephony Solutions 

Feel more connected to your customers with advanced call routing, messaging, announcements, queues, advanced ring groups, CRM integration, operator capability and many other features not yet available in a Teams-only deployment. Easy and convenient to set up, it also ensures non-Teams users and areas in the business are catered for.   

Cloud Contact Centre for Teams 

Any business who is already using Microsoft Teams or looking to incorporate it in their strategy can benefit from EVAD’s comprehensive contact centre and customer service technology. Communicate with your customers efficiently by using EVAD’s bespoke cloud contact centre solution, combining the power of EVAD’s Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) platform with the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams.  

Call Analytics and Reporting Packages

With integrations that offer call analytics and reporting packages, you’ll have access to in-depth information about how your staff is performing, helping you to identify issues and optimise procedures, understanding your business – and how it communicates with your customers – as never before. 

Call Routing Packages  

EVAD provides a convenient alternative to Microsoft calling plans without the need for on-premises hardware. EVAD’s call routing packages deliver great flexibility, increased functionality and support for migration, all while saving you money and building on added security, continuity options and reliability. 

PCI Compliant Payment Software 

EVAD Link Pay+ is a cost-effective Teams integration designed to protect your brand from card data breaches and other sensitive information being stolen. EVAD Link Pay+ minimises these risks while also enhancing the customer experience with faster and easier payments. 

Compliant Call Recording 

EVAD brings compliant recording to Microsoft Teams, a suite of recording, quality management and analysis tools, designed to evolve with your business and support the way you work. 

Quick and easy to find and retrieve important call recording and the ability to add custom marks and notes to improve searchability. 

Fully comply with the MIFiD II call recording requirements and the Financial Conduct Authority regulations. capabilities to support a range of compliance requirements including PCI DSS, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II & HIPAA 

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