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In today’s ‘always on’ world, enabling mobile working is an increasingly vital strategic objective for any organisation that wants to be successful and grow. 

Businesses who are not fully prepared to support flexible working could be more at risk of security breaches, loss of valuable information and lower productivity in the workplace. 

What Will Help your Flexible Workers? 

Cloud Communications 

Enable companies of all sizes to enjoy next generation communication and collaboration, without the cost and complexity of a premise-based PBX. 

Cloud communications can offer seamless user experience across different devices, support for multiple identities, flexible functionality and increased visibility and control.  

What Are the Benefits?

Cloud communications solutions offer the lowest risk option for securing the most advanced mobile communications capabilities to empower your mobile workforce. 

Make the move to a full cloud communications solution for your business to benefit from: 

  • Work anywhere on any device without sacrificing functionality, security, reliability and simplicity. 
  • Save money by providing the right technology to the user based on their working practices.  
  • Save time by having less technology and data in different places, and standardise contact directories.   
  • Make your data more secure by managing and tracking all your devices, so you’ll know where they are, who is using them and for what purpose at any time.   
  • Attract the best talent by offering flexible working, work form anywhere policies to suit your business and the employees’ work/life balance.   

Are Mobile Desk Phones the Future? 

Mobile devices are at the heart of how almost all businesses communicate and are now, more often than not, the device of choice for users. Despite the flexibility they provide, mobiles are designed for the individual user and behave like an independent communication island. 

On the other hand, office telephone platforms provide a vast range of complex productivity-enhancing features that can now be delivered in a mobile way. These include call recording, reception services, access to the corporate directory, transferring calls, conferencing and call reporting and many more. 

In a world where working remotely is on the rise, mobile desk phones can make all the difference, giving you access to all the above features as well as mobility. They are straightforward to use, and can effectively improve your availability and responsiveness to your customers and suppliers alike, also giving you complete visibility across your business.  

Calls work in the same way as mobile calls, but don’t use your data bundle. Applications also give you easy access to service features including visual voicemail and user settings. Gain a complete view of all calls across your entire business with call reporting, and see key call statistics in real-time for all devices, keeping you informed and allowing you to make better operational decisions. 

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What do your Flexible Workers Need to Work Smarter?

Enabling mobile workers to be truly effective relies on equipping them with the right tools for the job.  

Businesses with mobile workers should look for solutions that offer a seamless communications experience across all channels, locations, and devices. Key features to look for include: 

  • Seamless movement of calls between different devices (e.g., desk phones, desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones). 
  • A single interface to manage all communications and collaboration (e.g., voice, video, messaging, content, tasks). 
  • Automatic synchronisation of contacts and information across devices. 

Effective collaboration tools close the gap between mobile and office-based colleagues, reducing delays and improving outputs. Key features to look for include: 

  • Flexible workspaces that make it easy to communicate, share and assign tasks across a team. 
  • Easy sharing and updating of files between colleagues. 

The productivity and motivation of mobile workers can be significantly enhanced by providing intuitive, easy-to-use, context-aware apps designed around their specific needs – significantly reducing the time they spend searching for information across different applications. Key features to look for include: 

  • Embedded contextual intelligence, which enables employees to be automatically presented with relevant information based on what they’re doing at the time – filtered by contact, topic, or information type. 
  • Integration of data from multiple cloud applications (business productivity applications, customer relationship management, social networks, content) within their mobile app – so the information they need is easily accessible. 
  • Easy access to conference calls and collaboration sessions functionality, eliminating the need for employees to use bridge numbers and passcodes. 

Implementing a solution that offers full integration across fixed and mobile networks will help to deliver a seamless user experience and lower your costs. Key features to look for include: 

  • A single number for each employee that automatically routes calls to the right device. 
  • Business functionality from mobile employees’ smartphones or tablets. 
  • A single dial plan covering all locations and employees. 
  • Free on-net calls between your employees, even when they’re calling from their mobile devices. 

To cater for the needs of different types of employees, you need to ensure you have access to a flexible set of tools that can support a diverse range of working patterns and device preferences. Key features to look for include: 

  • A choice of apps to reflect the diverse needs of office-based and mobile workers. 
  • Support for a range of smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices

To ensure your clients are always treated professionally while also protecting your employees’ right to privacy and a work/life balance, you should implement solutions that are able to support separate business and personal identities. Key features to look for include: 

  • Support for multiple personas for each employee, enabling different rules and call handling features to be applied, depending on the type of call. 
  • The ability to present a business identity to a called contact even when calling from a personal device. 
  • The ability to place business calls from a personal device without the employee bearing the cost. 

To limit your risks, you’ll want to ensure you have full management visibility and control over how employees are sharing and storing company information. Key features to look for include: 

  • The ability to centrally control an employee’s business identity and track their business activity. 
  • Mobile VPN support to protect access to your company network and valuable business information. 
  • Centralised storage of contact data and other business information, minimising the risk of valuable information being lost when an employee leaves. 

We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to ensure our core network is truly converged. Only a few UK operators have this capability, allowing us to provide a combined fixed line and mobile feature set. 

  • Call recording: calls are recorded whether you are in the office or on the move, regardless of device, helping your business address training, quality assurance and compliance needs. 
  • One voicemail: access one visual voicemail for both fixed and mobile devices, allowing you to pick up and respond to messages from any location. 
  • Local presence: outbound calls from mobile devices can also present your business number, helping to ensure your calls are more likely to be answered whilst maintaining a more professional appearance. 
  • Companion app: The MyConnect companion app provides an enriched experience and gives you the power of your desk phone on your mobile device. 


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