PCI Payment Solutions.

You Are Required To Comply With PCI DSS Guidelines

If Your Contact Centre Is Taking Debit Or Credit Card Payments From Callers, Regardless Of Volume Or Value Of Transactions, You Are Required To Comply With PCI DSS Guidelines.

We provide innovative compliance solutions that ensure your agents and business are protected, while your customers continue to get great service.

Agent Automated Payment

We combine our passion for technology innovation with deep routed experience in delivering exceptional customer management and contact centre services for our clients so when we speak to you about deploying best practice, we are not basing our advice on theory, but many years of practical hands-on experience.

How does it work? 

When the conversation reaches the point that payment needs to be taken, the agent asks for the caller to enter their credit or debit card details using their telephone keypad after the agent and caller are conferenced out to a cloud solution, thus de-scoping all risk from the contact centre/customer site.

Our software captures and validates the caller’s entry but mutes the sound of the tones from being heard by the agent. Through integration to the agent’s desktop, the agent is able to see the information appearing in their system as **** and is therefore able to talk the caller through every step of the process.

The result is a simple, secure and PCI DSS compliant payment process that maintains the callers experience while fully protecting the caller, the agent, and your contact centre from potential fraud

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Cirrus LinkPay+.

Secure payment transactions across ALL communication channels.

Pioneering In New And Innovative Solutions

A payment Service Provider that offers a range of card payment solutions designed to help achieve PCI DSS Compliance within the contract centre. A complete payment suite which includes IVR Payments, Virtual Terminal, Mobile App and Online Web Payment Solutions.

Accept credit and debit card payments by an IVR phone service to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and cut PCI DSS compliance costs. IVR payments save on agent time and increase security with proven return on investment (ROI).

Agent-assisted payments and stored card payments improve customer service and reduce the cost of PCI DSS compliance. Other secure automated payments from EVAD include IVR, Virtual Terminal Payments and Automated Recurring Payments.
Give customers the option to pay securely by telephone or online. Integrate contact centre and web transactions with a 3D secure payment solution from Level 1 PCI DSS accredited EVAD. Make regular transactions easier with Automated Recurring Payments.


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