Secure Infrastructure Solutions

Protect your Business from Cyber Threats

Keeping Your Business Safe

Today’s world is bristling with cyber security threats, with unlawful attacks seeking to access private information, disrupt operations or otherwise damage businesses.  

We can ensure that your transition to the cloud is seamless and pain-free, eliminating security hurdles and guaranteeing protection every step of the way. 

Adapt to a New Way of Working 

With flexible working on the rise, employees can now work from anywhere in the world, accessing data from multiple devices, which poses a new threat to businesses. Our modern solutions can protect infrastructures of all sizes from constantly evolving threats in this new era of work.  

Take Control 

Our solutions allow you to protect your business from inside security threats by verifying every user and validating their devices. You’ll have full control over user behaviour, and the ability to limit users’ access to sensitive information, effectively protecting end users and preventing breaches.  

Keep Your Data Safe  

We provide solutions aimed at protecting your business-critical data, and actively securing your organisation from data breaches. We can monitor potentially malicious user activity, provide insight into risky behaviour, and stop data breaches at multiple points. EVAD’s solutions can effectively protect your organisation’s infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what’s really important for your business.  

Improve Customer Experience 

Cybersecurity breaches can have a variety of repercussions, such as financial loss, loss of data and irreparable damage to your business’ reputation. Increase customer confidence in your organisation by keeping your customers’ data secure, helping them trust your business even more.  

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Brooks Macdonald Sam Kerins End User Computing Manager

“We have been working with EVAD now for over 5 years, they took the time to understand our business and demonstrated a working knowledge of the financial sector from day one. They have bought creativity and innovation to us whilst always delivering high levels of customer service and ensuring continuity is a priority."

Batley Multi Academy Trust

“New Hosted solution implemented across three Schools, supporting 150 extensions. This was to replace the customers ageing on premise PBX systems and ISDN lines. The Trust wanted a solution which offered centralised management across all sites, the ability to expand without heavy capital investment and more importantly, offered the flexibility for staff to continue to operate via soft phone clients as part of the customers disaster recovery strategy."

Michael Deegan, CWG Choices Ltd.

"Everything is going great, people are very impressed with the new system. Thank you."


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