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Your company probably already has a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place for your IT services. You make sure your data is backed up daily and you have written procedures in place to restore a failed piece of hardware should you ever need to. But what happens when your voice services are disrupted? Any number of events can occur to make your office voice services unusable. 

Automated Failover

IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) can always answer calls without any human intervention required. Having an IVR will let your customers route their own calls if they cannot be answered by a person. 

SIP Trunking

If your company still makes use of traditional analogue or ISDN lines, moving to SIP trunking will provide a large range of voice DRP options. SIP trunking solutions will often allow calls to automatically fail over to a secondary office location if your primary office is offline. For companies with a single office location, calls can be diverted to a mobile or any other number to ensure they can still be answered. 

Inbound Call Management Services 

Alongside SIP, providers are now starting to introduce self-serve call management solutions that allow companies to set up and control how calls are routed to their business. This means that any necessary changes can be made quickly and easily, via an online portal. 

The last thing you want to be doing in the event of an emergency is sitting on hold, waiting for your phone provider to make changes for you. By choosing a provider who allows you to make these changes yourself, you can get your calls flowing within minutes, using any internet connected device. 

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  • Control main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support lines
  • Answer calls no matter the circumstances impacting the business
  • Provide great service
  • Control key individuals’ contact numbers


  • Have the tools to defend your business from cyber security attacks  
  • Protect your organisation from the added security risks of flexible working  
  • Update your network and infrastructure to more secure structures, adapting to the times and preparing for the future 


  • Be prepared to deal with operational threats and issues as and when they arise  
  • Equip your staff with the right tools to work around issues and quickly recover  
  • Secure overall business continuity and deal with fluctuating customer demand more efficiently  


  • Let the end customer make the call routing changes for the specific issue that they are experiencing
  • Management Information (MI)
  • Online reporting tracks the calls to the customer’s business during “normal” and exceptional circumstances

Many companies have PBX equipment at their office locations that handle call routing, voicemail, IVRs and call queues. If your PBX is unavailable, many of the call routing features that you depend on can be lost if calls are then diverted to another location. This can be confusing and frustrating for customers calling in. 

A hosted PBX solution removes these features from the on-premise equipment and instead, hosts them in the cloud. With a hosted PBX, your customers receive the same call flow no matter what’s happening at your office locations. In addition, most hosted PBX services allow your phones to connect to the service from anywhere – so if you have a disaster, your staff can plug a phone in at home, or access the service via a softphone on their desktop and keep working. 


Dr Mary Simpson, our Senior GP Partner, Acorn Surgery

“I really am impressed with the seamless installation and transition. There really have been little or no teething problems. - they can quote me on that!"

Horizon Healthcare – Nicola Waller

"Just wanted to let you know how smoothly our upgrade of Horizon Contact went yesterday (Tuesday 7th December 2021) thanks to Dan. He was extremely helpful in this upgrade taking the time to train all the staff that were available. He was very patient with everybody as he was having to repeat the same information many times. He answered all our questions, and nothing was too much trouble. He has always been a pleasure to deal with since moving over to Evad and has helped me many times."

Octopus Investments

"I have been a customer of EVAD for 4 years, I have found them to be responsive in both small and enterprise-wide requests. They have assisted with projects and numerous strategic technical requirements. I have also been impressed with their drive to keep up to date with new technology and find the right solution for us as a customer, in an unbiased way. Matt Hill has been an excellent business partner to us throughout and I believe he is a strong driving force for business innovation within EVAD. "

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